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Whiskey Punch

24 oz OYO Whiskey or OYO Bourbon (1 x 750 ml bottle)
12 oz  Grand Gala or Grand Marnier (1/2 x 750 ml bottle)
12 oz Fresh Orang Juice
12 oz Pineapple Juice
One Whole Pineapple
Angostura Bitters

(16-18 servings)

In a large container add one fresh pineapple chopped into bite size pieces.  Pour 6 oz Angostura bitters over the pineapple chunks, let sit for one hour.  Add spirits and juice, refrigerate for 3 hours.  Pull out of refrigerator, stir well.  Just before service, add 12 oz Sprite/7-up.  Stir well, pour into rocks glass with fresh ice and  garnish with pineapple chunk and/or pineapple leaf.