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Vim & Petal Gin

A Modern American Style Dry Gin

A unique union of the culinary and distilling worlds, this American style dry gin bursts forth with a pioneering robustness, then falls quietly like the soft red winter wheat at its base.  Each full-bodied flavor and enticing note of Vim & Petal brings to life 18 botanicals and the delicate tension between them… to give you character, dimension and a refined versatility.

VIM & PETAL speaks with confidence, but knows when to whisper.

Tasting Notes: Softly sweet aromas of citrus, spice, and saffron. Light-to-medium body with prominent notes of elderberry and fresh juniper balanced with rare teas, seeds, roots and exotic spices. Finishes clean with floral notes of Sichuan peppercorn and Indonesian cinnamon spice.

Originally distilled dry gin, small batch, all natural.  42% alcohol by volume (84 proof).