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Traditional Foundations.
Innovative Operations.

We were founded in 2008, and opened our distillery for commercial production in 2010. Building on four generations of distilling traditions, we added our own deep experience in marketing and manufacturing, and focused on elevating the distinctive flavors of the Ohio River Valley. Our artisan spirits honor our roots; and reflect our originality as makers, our integrity as producers, and our passion for the craft of producing spirits from grain to glass. 

“I want everyone who drinks our spirits to feel like they’re treating themselves. It’s an everyday special occasion.”
Brady Konya, Co-Founder

Our Philosophy

Together with our partners and our customers, we're a community of people who appreciate life. We aim to help each other live it well.
We focus on the ingredients and the personality of the Midwest, and let them shine through in our products and our culture.
We are dedicated to doing things the right way, even when it’s harder, to create products that stand out as exceptional.


Brady Konya

Brady Konya

Co-Founder | General Manager

Brady ensures that the Middle West experience—including everything from the labels and glass profiles to the distillery itself—is as remarkable as its spirits. With a background in global marketing, he’s been instrumental in sharing the Middle West story and expanding its reach. Even though he’s a west-coast native (and still a part-time resident of the California coast), he’s developed a special affinity for the people and the ingredients of the Midwest.

Ryan Lang

Ryan Lang

Co-Founder | Head Distiller

Ryan manages Middle West distilling operations from procurement to production, and meticulously selects ingredients and the partners who produce them. Ryan is a fourth-generation distiller; his great-grandfather made moonshine on his Pennsylvania farm. A father himself, Ryan is happy to carry forward the family legacy.

Josh Daily

Josh Daily

Director of Sales

Josh is in charge of getting Middle West products into the hands (and glasses) of our customers, and leads the teams responsible for our Bottle Shop, distillery tours, and events. As our first official employee, he’s pretty much done it all—and he’s done almost every minute of it with a smile on his face.

Our Friends In The
Middle West

We love working with people who value intentional process and high standards, and whose spirit reflects and inspires our own. And, we believe strongly in investing in Ohio.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Columbus OH

Whiskey & Pecan and Bourbon Eggnog Ice Creams

Jeni's released the Whiskey and Pecan signature flavor in 2011. It features grass-grazed milk and lots of crunchy, salted, toasted pecans combined with the rich and complex character of our flagship wheat whiskey.

Released as part of Jeni’s Splendid Holiday Collection, Jeni’s Bourbon Eggnog ice cream blends the warmth of our Straight Wheated Bourbon Whiskey, Michelone Reserve with a custard-based, from-scratch eggnog. 

Anchor Hocking, Lancaster OH

Glass Profiles

Our bottles are the result of a collaborative design process that lasted over a year. From the imprint on the shoulders to the initials stamped on the bottom, they're truly unique.

Bluegrass Farms


We use only food-grade, NON-GMO yellow and white corn grown in the Ohio Valley by the small, devoted consortium of growers that makes up Bluegrass Farms.

Rockmill Brewing, Lancaster OH

Cask-Aged Tripel

Rockmill ages its dark Belgian ale in charred, white American oak barrels that have been seasoned with Middle West Whiskey, resulting in a blend of unprecedented flavor.

Speyside Bourbon Cooperage, Jackson OH


We age our spirits in new, charred, white oak barrels from Speyside, who's been producing barrels for spirit-making since 1947.

Mennel Milling, Bucyrus OH


Soft Red Winter Wheat gives our spirits the distinct flavor of the Middle West. Working with Mennel ensures we use only top-quality grains.

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